Wednesday, 17 September 2014

7 reasons why I love Adibah

1. She's very supportive. She never stop praying for me and always encourage me to study harder. She's so sure that i'll be a successful person one day and that was why she never get tired giving me her moral support.
2. She's a very good listener. Everytime I share my problems with her she'll listen carefully and give her quite helpful advice. Sometimes she cry together with me. I will feel better after I share my problems with her.
3. She's not judgmental. I'm a bad person. I've done so many horrible things which broke her heart. But unlike judgmental bitches out there she never judge me. That was why I told her almost all of my shameful secrets. She knows about my family members and their secrets too but she never pass judgment. Everyone is not perfect.
4. She's smart. She's very, very smart. Few months after she finished her SPM she got an offer to further her tertiary education in the Netherlands but she rejected the offer because she wasn't interested in the course. Right now she's studying Hotel Management in UITM Penang and her CGPA for the first semester is 3.92 - the highest among all 70+ students in her course. I'm really proud of her. How I wish I can be as smart as Adibah.
5. We share so many similarities. We both love watching Japanese drama, reading English novels, gossiping about our relatives and friends, talking about politics and religion and discuss current issues.
6. She's conservative but she respect my liberal and secular perspective. She knows that I think differently than most malaysians but she never try to shove religion down my throat. She knows that diversity of opinion is a good thing. She realise that there's only one thing that can silent me : fact. If she has none she'll keep her mouth shut and ignore me.
7. She's very hardworking. She sells handbag, clothes and so much more online. His father has lots of money and give her duit poket every month but she never stop selling clothes etc. I really respect her.
Fazrin Jamal


  1. Fazrin not everyone can get life partner like her. You are lucky person!!!

  2. Die nie pengkid gak ke?



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