Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Sayings I hate the most

1. "I will pray for you" Don't pray for me. Make me a sandwich or something.
2. "I ain't come from monkeys" You should go back to school and get a proper science education.
3. "God works in mysterious ways" This is a fancy way to say "I don't know".
4. "He's up there smiling down at us" It never occurs to religious people that their loved ones might be in hell right now.
5. "Everything was written and planned out long before we existed." Yet the same people argue that we have free will.
6. "Evolution is just a theory" Gravity is just a theory too so why don't you jump off a cliff?
7. "Everything happens for a reason" Duh
8. "The bible is proven, while all science is, is a theory." Oh fuck.
9. "Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family." Like that's going to do anything to help anyone.
10. "Money can't buy happiness" Starving african kids beg to disagree.
11. "Boys don't cry" Like boys can't feel pain and sadness.
12. "I'm entitled to my opinion." No. You're entitled to what you can make a case for in a debate.
13. "They chose to be gay" And you chose to be stupid.
Fazrin Jamal

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