My name is Norfazrin bin Jamal.
-but my family members (except my dad) call me Ajin
-my late dad and most of my friends call me Fazrin
-my classmates from the year 2005 to 2007 called me Erin
-my late grandma Esah called me Marjerin
-my Filipino friends call me by many different names such as Fazzy, Witwito, Kemuto, Faz and the most famous one, Pepito.
-i love having many names because it makes me looks special to others.xD

I am against racism. There's no such thing as 'superior races' and 'inferior races'. Those are plain bullshit! In fact, there's no such thing called race. Organically, race is a myth. We have ethnicities, yes, but race is an artificial construct based almost solely on the amount of melanin in a person's skin and the size and layout of facial bones and musculature. And because of that same reason, i would never declare i belong to any particular race. If there's a words to describe me, then it would be ''i'm a muslim''. Enough said.

Not only i reject racism, i also against the idea of Nationalism, Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, Anti-Catholicism, Homophobia, Caste System and many other type of discriminations. Instead of killing, humiliating and discriminating others, why don't we show some respect to our own species and help them? They're human too just like us! Stop criticizing others as if yer're that great. Just because someone of that particular group does bad things that do not necessarily means the entire members and doctrine are evil or wrong. Stop voicing out stereotype perspective...only idiots would believe yer words.

In a future, i wanna be
-a politician
-a Jordan McAfee
-a lecturer
-an actor
-a cook
-a writer of many books and articles related to politics, comparative religions, sociology, human sexuality, anthropology and economics
-a novelist
I wanna be all of them.

My most favorite hobby is reading. Considering the fact that i always be at home, i've many great hours searching fer articles in internet and read them! Rarely did i get tired reading them 365 days a year! I love reading novels too especially the ones by Jodi Picoult because they're so touching and will make yer cry fer hours. In addition, i also love to eat. I'll eat almost everything that i have especially if the food are spicy or sweet! And my favorite dish ever is kacang buncis goreng prepared by my late mum! It was so delicious! Nyum nyum. At school I'll spend many ringgit everyday eating and people are so suprise to see how much i eat fer breakfast and lunch. And whether yer believe it or not, i'm extremely slim. Other than that, i also love to have a debate or discussion with people regarding politics, current issues, Quranic Creationism vs Evolution theory, civil rights, middle east issue and many others.On top of that, i online facebook and moko almost 7 hours each day. In moko.mobi, i would have a fun quiz with my Malaysian and Filipino friends who are extremely genius while in facebook, i would chat with my friends to release my stress. I also write many notes in here dedicated to many issues in english and malay.



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