Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Three Differences Between Swedish Politics and Malaysian Politics

In Malaysia, there are so many race-based and religion-based political parties such as UMNO, PAS, MCA and MIC. Only muslims can be PAS member, only chinese can be MCA member and so on. In Sweden, there's no such thing. Even though there are significant percentage of Finns, Sami people and muslim immigrants these minority groups don't feel the need to form parties that mainly fighting for their rights. Kristdemokraterna (Christian Democrats Party) which sounds like a religion-based party is actually a very liberal and progressive party and if i'm not mistaken even non-christian can register as member. In Sweden, if you support social democracy you vote Sveriges Socialdemokratiska Arbetareparti, if you support swedish nationalism and social conservatism you vote Sverigedemokraterna. There's no place for race-based politics in Sweden.

In Malaysia, leaders from BN coalition always tell the rakyat to be grateful for everything the government has done for them. In contrast, swedish government never told their rakyat to be grateful because they know it's their job to build basic infrastructures, provide good education and healthcare, maintain peace in the country, reduce unemployment and protecting such values as the rule of law, justice and equal opportunity. Instead of telling their rakyat to bersyukur, cium kaki aku they say ''Thank you for voting me.''

In Sweden, they pay a very high tax rate (up to 52% the last time I checked) but the pay is still good. Sweden's GDP (PPP) per capita is $46386. They don't mind paying RM6.20 for a litre of petrol because they have a lot of money. On top of that, their politicians are mostly honest and never misuse the tax paid by the rakyat. Those taxpayer's money are not wasted on stupid projects or for politician's personal use but is used to offer free primary, secondary and tertiary education to all swedes, give monthly allowance to students, give financial aid to all unemployed people who are actively seeking job, provide universal healthcare system etc. In Malaysia, the tax rate is quite low but malaysians have no reason to feel happy because a) malaysia's minimum wage per hour is only $1.22 b) their taxpayer's money is used for many stupid projects and politician's personal use and c) unlike swedes, we have to pay for so many expensive things.

Note :
1. Actually there are many more differences that I wanna tell you but i'm tired of typing.
2. I don't hate Malaysia. This is my tanah tumpah darahku. How can I hate this wonderful country? I just hate malaysian politics and malaysian government.
3. Sweden is one of the best countries in the world and I want Malaysia to be even better.
4. Some may ask, ''Mana kau tahu Sweden tu bagus? Kau bukan pernah tinggal kat sana.'' Well, not a single palaeontologist lived 150 million years ago and they never saw dinosaurs but they know so many things about dinosaurs. Why? Because they studied dinosaur's fossils. The same goes with me. I've never been to Sweden (or any other country because i'm poor) but i've read so many news articles about swedish politics, economy, etc. If I were wrong please tell me exactly where in this status I was wrong. Don't use the stupid ''You've never been there!'' argument that some of you have used in my fb wall before.

Fazrin Jamal

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